We offer different tracks for prospective Fellows who are coming to Israel with different backgrounds, passions, and skills – find the right track for you! No matter the track you choose, you'll still be part of a full cohort of Fellows in your city in terms of shared enrichment programming and housing*.

TrackLocationDurationRequiredMonthly StipendKey FeaturesDescription
TEACHING FELLOWSJerusalem, Netanya, Be'er Sheva10 MonthsCollege Degree1,750 shekels (~$500 USD)Appropriate for most applicantsOur core and most popular track, appropriate for most applicants. Teaching Fellows are well-educated college graduates who are dedicated, passionate individuals, and who are looking for a unique job opportunity that brings them to Israel to make a real difference.
EXPERIENCED TEACHERSBe'er Sheva10 MonthsState-Certified Teachers3,000 shekels (~$900 USD)Direct classroom teachingA specialized track offered to state-certified teachers. Experienced Teachers are placed one per school and work more independently in collaboration with an Israeli English teacher partner. The goal of this track is to integrate certified teachers from abroad into the Israeli education system. Experienced teachers are also eligible for a larger monthly stipend.
RELIGIOUS TRACKJerusalem10 MonthsCollege Degree1,750 shekels (~$500 USD)Placements in religious schools + observant accommodationsThe Religious Track is based in Jerusalem and designed for observant participants who want to teach English in religious schools while also having the opportunity to spend some time learning in a yeshiva or seminary. Religious track apartments are kosher, shomer Shabbat, and rooming is single-gender. Religious track Fellows are part of the classic Jerusalem cohort and participate in programming across the entire Fellow community.
STEM TRACKBe'er Sheva10 MonthsCollege Degree in STEM1,750 shekels (~$500 USD)Joint focus on English and STEM studiesA multi-disciplinary track that encourages excellence in English and science studies. This track is open to applicants with a STEM degree and a lot of motivation –a background in education is a plus, but not a must. STEM Track Fellows teach students between the ages of 10-12, dedicating 2/3 of their time to STEM and 1/3 of their time to English. Our teaching methodology incorporates project-based learning (PBL), meaning students will apply their English to create projects on STEM-based topics.
YOUTH VILLAGE TRACKJerusalem, Netanya10 MonthsCollege Degree1,750 shekels (~$500 USD)Work with at-risk youth outside traditional classroomsYouth villages (Kfar No’ar) are communities created for youth in need of emotional support, academic support, and a place to live outside of their homes. Students live in the village throughout the academic year, and the village provides education, social events, specialized classes, and a community structure. Fellows who choose the Youth Village Track teach English outside of the traditional classroom structure as well as organize other non-academic activities for middle school-age students (note: other tracks focus on elementary school ages). Beyond the Youth Village, Fellows are part of their larger city cohort for housing, peer programming, etc.

*Fellows on the Religious Track in Jerusalem have separate housing but share in the overall enrichment programming with all Jerusalem Fellows.