Founded in 2004, Masa Israel has provided funding for over 160,000 young adults from more than 62 countries to experience Israel as a society. The agency is a joint project of the Government of Israel, the Jewish Agency for Israel and its partners, the Jewish Federations of North America and Keren Hayesod-UIA.

NOTE: Masa Israel funding criteria and rules are subject to change and availability at its own discretion at any time.


  • Identify as Jewish
  • Be a graduate of a secondary school and/or between the ages of 18 and 30*
  • Not have Israeli citizenship OR if you do, you must have left Israel before the age of 14 and have lived outside of Israel for at least four consecutive years prior to receiving your grant
  • Have not been on an organized post-high school program (including an academic program) of more than four months in Israel since September 2004
  • Have not spent 4 consecutive months or longer in Israel within the 24 month period prior to the start of your chosen Masa program after the age of 18

*For Israel Teaching Fellows, a bachelors degree is required to participate and up to age 36.



Masa funding is available on two levels for North American travelers, and eligible applicants can qualify for both.

Universal grants are available to North American participants, regardless of financial need, as follows:

  • US$3,000 grant for ages 22+
  • US$1,250 grant for ages 19-21
  • US$500 grant for ages 18

In addition to the universal grant, participants on Masa Israel-recognized programs who fit the eligibility requirements listed above can apply for additional need-based financial aid depending on their country of origin and income.

If a program is shorter than ten months, the need-based scholarship will be proportional to the length of the program.

If you have participated in a 6-8 week program (for example: Onward Program) from 2016 and wish to come on a Masa Long-Term program your funding may be affected.


For travelers who live outside of North America, the funding formula is different:

Latin America
Under Age 22  |  US$4,250
Ages 22-30 |  US$4,250

Great Britain & Australia
Under Age 22 |  US$1,500
Ages 22-30 |  US$2,750

Under Age 22 |  US$3,250
Ages 22-30 |  US$3,250


Funding from Masa Israel is applied for via a standalone application that NEXT staff will make available to you once you have been interviewed.


There are a variety of resources outside of Masa Israel that can help fund your Israel experience. Many travelers find additional funding through their local Jewish Federation, local synagogues, or from the following sources:

  • Jewish Communal Organizations
    Try contacting your local or hometown Jewish community organization — often called a “Jewish Federation." If you are not sure where to turn, check out the North American Jewish Federation Directory for the organization(s) that apply to you.
  • International Association of Jewish Free Loans
    Member organizations of the International Association of Jewish Free Loans provide interest-free loans to help with a variety of financial needs. Eligibility and loan programs vary, contact your local agency for more information.
  • Hebrew Free Loan of San Francisco
    Provides interest-free, cost-free loans to Jewish permanent residents of Northern California. Loans are available to help participants pay for tuition, program costs, travel expenses, and more. Northern California residents, as well as students from Northern California who are attending universities outside of the region, are eligible to apply.
  • The Alisa Flatow Memorial Scholarship Fund
    For participants of post-high school study programs that earn college credits in Israel. The Fund is for those students who show academic promise in religious studies and a need for financial assistance to study in Israel.
  • American Jewish League, Israel University Scholarship
    Provides eligible students scholarships to attend Israeli universities.
  • The Amy Adina Schulman Scholarship Fund
    Grants are awarded to individuals who volunteer or intern in progressive social action projects or programs of their own choosing. The grant requires a commitment to educate others upon returning home so peers will have the opportunity to learn about and be inspired to do similar work.
  • Helyn B. Reich Memorial Scholarship Fund
    Reich scholarships are awarded each year to a limited number of American students who choose to study at one of several designated Israeli universities or attend post-college long-term programs.
  • Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture
    This fund is for independent scholarly, literary, or art projects done in Israel.
  • Rotary Foundation Ambassadorial Scholarship
    The Ambassadorial Scholarships look to further international understanding and friendly relations among people of different countries and geographical areas. The program sponsors several types of scholarships for undergraduates and graduate students and professionals pursuing vocational studies.
  • The Wisam Khamees Scholarship for Arabs and Jews 
    The Wisam Khamees Scholarship Fund for Arabs and Jews is dedicated to supporting Israelis in their pursuit of higher education and is committed to promoting academic advancement as well as equality and coexistence in Israel.