Located on a forested hillside in the Galilee, Kibbutz Harduf is a close-knit community that promotes ecological sustainability, organic agriculture, co-existence, culture, and community. In other words, it's the perfect backdrop for a volunteer experience.


The Project TEN center at Kibbutz Harduf opened in 2013. Volunteer projects are organized in partnership with local nonprofits and include these opportunities:

  • Teaching English in elementary schools in the neighboring Bedouin villages
  • Working at Beit Elisha – a rehabilitative community for adults with special needs
  • Working in the organic agricultural fields
  • Working with at-risk youth at the Tuvia Boarding School
  • Pursuing a theater project in English, Hebrew, and Arabic
  • Ecological planning and construction of the “Sha'ar La'Adam” forest

Volunteers live in an ecological village that features yurt-like structures with:

  • Environmentally friendly showers and toilets
  • Shared kitchen and dining space
  • Bedrooms with space for 3-4 residents (men and women have separate rooms)
  • Wi-Fi, washing machine, and dryer
  • Inspiring forest views!

The facilities have been constructed with the goal of conserving energy, materials, and water, but also provide necessities such as a refrigerator, furnishings, washing machines and wi-fi. The food supplied by the center is strictly vegetarian and locally purchased to ensure freshness. Volunteers at Harduf maintain a kosher-style vegetarian kitchen.